How do you play?

Sharp-MC is a Factions server! We have a farming and spawner based economy. No need for HUGE basses, or absolutely mind blowing cannons here. Although raiding is allowed, faction bases are going to be much smaller and the map is smaller too.

You will start out at our spawn. Your objective is to get out into the wilderness, gear up, find farming materials and build yourself a farm to start making yourself that precious money. Get yourself a faction created, claim some land and try and keep your farm and base safe from those who are out to steal your riches.

There is a server shop, use the /shop command where you can sell your resources, and also buy raiding gear, and anything else you might need. 

Creepers do not spawn on this server, so that means no crafting TnT, you’ll need to buy those raiding materials if you want to destroy your enemies farms/bases and steal their riches.

We are not a pay-to-win server! You can use /vote to receive crate keys! Once you have a crate key you can use them at /warp crates and have the chance to win ranks, money, items, and more. But if you want to support the server we do offer in-game ranks for purchase on our online store, along with crate keys, kits, and more.

Factions & Raiding

Factions are fairly expensive to create, invite and claim land. This is to make raiding much easier and to encourage people to make teams to progress. Faction sizes are limited to 15. Make sure you hide your base well, our world border is 10,000 blocks by 10,000 blocks.

The best block for protection (Just now, may add more protection blocks if people would like that) is currently Obsidian. This can be broken with around 5 TNT hits.

Claims can range from small to large, this could make raiding much easier or harder to do. Although raids will be expensive to do, unless you overclaim that persons land of course, they will be easy. No massive 3000 block cannons, you can make a small simple TNT cannon to hit your enemy at short range. This is to encourage PVP and protecting your base, and means everyone has a chance at raiding/defending.

Server Rules
  • No hacked or modified clients of any kind. If caught you will be banned.
  • Do not attempt to duplicate items, or exploit the economy in any way. 
  • Spamming chat will earn you a mute or possibly a ban.
  • Racism and hate speech is not tolerated.
  • Curse all you want in the chat, just try not be an a**hole.
  • No combat logging, you will respawn dead.
  • Do not try to buy or sell anything in our Discord and Minecraft servers.
  • Do not violate the privacy of other members or staff in anyway.
  • Do not advertise your discord, social media, or any other pages in chat without permission.
  • Do not link anything inappropriate in the discord (nothing NSFW, offensive, etc.)
  • Do not spam staff members. If you need help send us a ticket.

Griefing Bases, Raiding, PVP Trapping, any sort of things like this is all allowed. 

We are not a pay to win server, but we do offer our players ranks, kits, crate keys, and more to purchase with actual currency on our online store! We have several donor ranks that come with their own kits, permissions, cosmetics and more. We also have crate keys for sale to access the 3 crates we have at spawn.

—> If you’d like to check out our online store, click here! <—